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Friday, May 27, 2011

Beloved Aunt

I have ignored my poor little blog for months now but I have good reason write a post.  Yesterday (May 26) I lost a beloved aunt.  While I am sad, I certainly do not envy my cousins right not.  I have my mother, who is alive and healthy.  She has endured 2 knee surgeries, a hip replacement, and breast cancer.  I plan on her being around for many more years to come!

All these images of Denny keep returning from my memory.  Childhood vacations to California, many a quilt week, and sewing lessons.  This just confirms that traveling to California (Amtrak rocks!) to visit her was the best decision.  I got to say goodbye.  It is hard watching the older generation get sick and leave this world. 

Just to add to my frustration, my brothers spend way to much time holding on to bitter and made-up resentments against our mother while refusing to acknowledge their own part in the scenario.  Visiting my family in Cali made me a little jealous.  All of my cousins are close to eachother as well as their parents.  I pray that some day my brothers will wise up and find forgiveness in their hearts.