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My goals for the future is to obtain a teaching/librarian job, lose weight, own a house, and to travel the world.

My List of Impossible Things

"Imperfection is Beauty.  Madness is Genius.  And its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely plain."
                                                              Marilyn Monroe

So I am borrowing this idea from another blog http://www.joelrunyon.com/two3/the-impossible-list
written by Joel Runyon and his list of impossible things.  While it is interesting to read about someone accomplish their goals, I decided to adapt his idea and create a list of my own.  These are things that I want to accomplish, have dreamt for a long time to accomplish, and finally have come to the conclusion that I am going just go for it and accomplish my list of impossible things...

Life Goals:
Live according to quality of life not quality of things
To not procrastinate

Fitness Goals:
Walk 10,000 steps a day for an entire week
  • Walk 10,000 steps for an entire month
  • Run 5K
  • Run 10K
  • Run a Half Marathon
  • Run a Marathon
  • Run Hood to Coast (Oregon)
  • Complete a headstand, wheel, crow, and side crow in yoga
Travel Goals:

Visit every continent:
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia:
  • Australia
  • South Pacific
Go Swimming in Every Ocean or Major Bodies of Water:
  • Pacific
  • Atlantic
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Indian
  • Artic
  • Southern/Anartic
Visit my sister in the Middle East

Meet up with my sister somewhere in the world for vacation (when I am teaching overseas)

Travel with my family outside of the United States

Go hiking outside of Oregon

Go hiking in another country

Visit the public libraries in major cities across the United States:
  • Library of Congress in Washington D.C.
  • New York Public Library
  • Boston Public Library
Go on a honeymoon with my husband (we never went on the original one)

Minimalism Goals:
  • commute by walking, biking, or public transportation of a whole month
  • transfer my important documents to digital format
  • organize my pictures
  • reduce my clutter to under 300 things
  • Pay off my student loans
  • Save 3 months income 
Adrenalin Rushes:
  • Preform in a community play
  • Ace the perfect job interview
  • Hot-air balloon ride
  • Check out the martial arts studio a few blocks from the yoga studio (trust me this is a big one for me)
  • Take belly dance classes
  • Perform with a belly dance troope
Events to Attend:
  • the opera
  • the ballet
  • dance performance
  • Broadway show on Broadway
  • a live concert
Professional Goals:
  • Full time teacher or school librarian
  • Teach at a low-income school
  • Obtain grants for my international girls group for camp
  • Summer internship through the National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Publish an oral history book
  • Teach at an international school w/my son Vincent in China or somewhere else
  • Finish my school assignments early or on time: HOT (Homework on Time)
Personal Goals:
  • Be a role model for my son
  • increase my blog readership/ inspire others through my blog
  • be of service to my family and friends
  • obtain my goal weight of 145-155 lbs (somewhere in that range)
  • learn to play piano again--learn 10 songs
Community Service:
  • Travel club for my students visiting historical sites
  • Write a grant for my International Girls Group so they can go to camp