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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Difference Between Talk and Action

In the time that I have been writing my post, I have been a little impulsive with my words.  The original rules of my blog was that I would work out 6 days a week, lose 2 lbs. a week, and commute by bike everywhere.  While these are noble goals, some obstacles have gotten in the way.  First, I am a procrastinator; this is a huge struggle for me.  I am also unorganized; the whole day will fly by I will ask myself what did I actually do?  Finally, it is easy to talk.  It reminds me of contestants on The Biggest Loser, when they talk about watching the show from their couch vs actually being on the show with Jillian Michael's screaming in your face like an Army drill sergeant during basic training.  It is easy to talk but taking action is daunting.

Well, I have finally started to transition from talk to action.  I started Weight Watchers, I program that is based on decision-making.  And I have started to train for a 5K, which I have not done since my Army days 15 years ago.  This is definitely a goal on My List of Impossible Things.  I may be slow, with a walk 5 minutes/ run 30 seconds to start with, but I am getting there.  My lovely neighbor as kindly volunteered to train me.  I am not going to turn down something like that down!  Plus, I think she likes the excuse of hitting the trails for herself.

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  1. You are correct! You're helping me get my rear out there when I'd probably just stay home otherwise... Thank you for that!