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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 102: I am tired of watching her go, this time I want to follow...

What is a good way to have a minimalist Christmas?  Limit the budget which forces you to be creative.  While my husband may not exactly endorse mininmalism, he understands the power of a budget.  With all the craziness of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, the holidays is a fun time for me.  I love to entertain despite having a small house.  I have exactly the right amount of dishes, even though I may have to get a little creative (I don't have duplicates of everything like my mother does--love you mom!)  There were many surprises this year, such as flowers, cookies, and presents delivered to my house.  A kind stranger even bought my groceries for me!  Plus there is ymmy leftovers--my philosophy is cook once and eat twice.

However, tommorow, December 26th, my sister is moving overseas for job reasons.  While I am excited and proud of her, thinking about her leaving brings up childhood nightmares.  Every since I was 5 years-old, my sister has been moving somewhere...California, Japan, Brazil, and now Saudi Arabia.  Well, I am tired of watching her go, this time I want to follow...and meet up or better yet she can follow me to somewhere, anywhere. 

Two opportunities are unfolding before me, first my sister in Saudi Arabia and second, my friend is getting married in Mexico.  So I plan on crossing somethings off my list of impossible things.  I plan on visit my sister in the Middle East and attend my friend's wedding in Mexico.

Share your thoughts with me....

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