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Monday, December 27, 2010

I fell like I am falling behind...

It has been a full 24 hours since my sister has left.  It is hard watching my best friend move away.  My husband accuses me of running off on a whim whenever she calls; there may be some truth in this.  But it is not as simple as "I miss her"--good grief she only left yesterday and will visit in the summer; plus there is e-mail and Skype...

  When I was 19 and newly graduated from high school (yes, I was 19), I joined the Army.  Not only was this completely outside of my personality and comfort zone, it was unexpected and unconventional for a girl to join the Army.  While I was scared senseless with running, yelling, and shooting stuff in basic training, it was also secretly thrilling.  It is also the one adventure that my sister will never have. 

So here is my true dilemma.  I am jealous. Why am I jealous?  Since those long ago Army days I got married, had a baby, and earned a master's in education.  In the mean time, my sister has traveled to Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Japan, and now Saudi Arabia.  There is one snag that holds me back and that is I cannot interview worth a damn and I am stuck in substitute teacher land.  I feel like I am falling behind.  I want to go on my adventure, I want to teach in another country, and I want people to be excited and sad that I am leaving.  I realize that I sound whiny when I don't mean too; of course I am proud of her. I am just frustrated because I want to join her and start crossing things off my list of impossible things.

With the closing of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, it the time of New Year's resolutions.  Naturally, I will be making one but I also fully intend to keep my resolutions, not just let them fall to the wayside.  What are they you ask?  You are going to find out....next post.

What are your New Year's resolutions?


  1. I am single with no kids..and my sister in law is a mother to four kids daily and I think sometimes she wishes she had my life. I may have the freedom to jet off to wherever I would like to work - but I am envious of my sister in law who is married, has children to look after and who love her, and she has a cute little house that she's made her own, and and and...

    She may wish she had my freedom but I wish I had her solid home base.

    just sayin' :) What if your sister wishes she has what you have sometimes?

    new years resolutions: to be healthier and to take one real vacation this year (instead of random vacation days to sleep in and run errands).

  2. You should take a real vacation because you deserve it! Perhaps you two could trade, be the awesome aunt and babysit while your sister-in-law can go play or you two go play with an adult night out?