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Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 84: 5 more to go

5 more assignments to go!  1 final project + 4 little assignments = 5 more assignments to go.  I feel like I am on the last hill before before descending toward the finish line.  The last hill is the hardest but if feels so sweet to finally finish.  Yet I almost succombed again.  Apparently changing my habits is not going to come so easy...this is why it is on My List of Impossible Things (see other page of blog).  I worked today teaching little angels how to read new words and subtract big numbers.  When I came home my internal voice began to whine.  I am tired, I can do it tomorrow, I am almost done.  But what I finish tonight will set me up so much nicer for tomorrow, so I sat down and finished one more assignment.  Now I only have 5 more left.   I decided to reward myself.  If I finish an assignment, then I can to yoga.  It was a great motivator.

I think I have an answer to my previous rant (see Day 83: One Down and One More to Go).  Why is that I can cram 10 weeks worth of work into a week and a half but I can't spread out over the course of the semester?  Somewhere along the way I fell into a pattern of tommorow, tommorow, I can do it tommorow.  Eventually the tommorows run out.  I need to do things now, just right now, whether it is homework, working out, losing weight, saving money to travel, accomplishing my impossible list.  Just do it now!

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