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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 90: Pseudo zombies

One thing that I like about blogging is that it is an outlet for my thoughts.  It is also a good tool to keep track of myself and what lessons (even if it is the same lesson) I have learned to improve myself.  What also is fun is to read other people's blogs and consider their thoughts.  So here my thoughts about a post I written by Everett Bogue, a radical minimalist, about Zombie Hunting 101.  He is talking about those individuals whose soul is tired and hates their life.  These individuals are too caught in their past, their miserable job, and unfulfilled dreams they will never pursue. 
The problem I have with his argument is not that I disagree but that Everett Bogue seems to classify people into two categories: those individuals who hate their jobs, are "caught in the system", and therefore is miserable in all aspect of their lives or those individuals who quit their jobs in order to pursue other dreams.  I would argue that there is a third group of people--"pseudo zombies" or "half zombies" if you will.  "pseudo zombies" are those individuals that shuffle through their unwanted jobs for a variety of reasons but when they come home is when the truly wake up and come back to life.  So why stick with an unwanted job?  Perhaps it is for money, a family to support, or to maintain a certain lifestyle.

I think I am part of the third category, "pseudo zombie".  As a substitute teacher, I am getting tired of teaching in someone else's classroom.  However, I went back to school, started this blog, and an identifying areas of growth I need to work on.  At home and with the International Girls Group, I come to life.  I spend time with my family, sew with my mother, and study with my sister. 

Another example of a "pseudo zombie" is my neighbor.  She hates her job, it is boring to her.  However, in the evening she comes to life.  My neighbor has ran a marathon, biked a 100-mile race, goes hiking, camping, and traveled with her mother to Panama.  I would never classify her as full zombie!

Share your thoughts about zombies or "pseudo-zombies".  Do you know any?


  1. It all depends on how fulfilled you want your life to be...at home, at work, or both places. If we keep doing what we are doing, then we will get what we've got...and if a person isn't happy with what they've got...then it seems silly to stay suffering or miserable. It all boils down to laziness. People don't change jobs because they are either scared or lazy and they don't try. If they do try....that's another story...

  2. I suppose you are right...fear is a powerful motivator to stick with an unwanted job, which would place them in the zombie category. While I will stick with my "pseudo-zombie" theory for the moment, because they may stick with a miserable job for a variety of complicated reasons with no easy solution. It is just hard to classify people I know as zombies, I want them to be happy.

    I proposed my "pseudo-zombie" theory to Everett Bogue. While he did not exactly comment on that he did say that I am fully human and not a "pseudo-zombie". I suppose it is because I went back to school to be a librarian.