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Monday, January 10, 2011

3 Types of To-Do's for the Renaissance Person

While I wish that I can claim credit for this idea, I also cannot.  I am borrowing Joel Runyon's concept on how to balance several projects that are going on at the same time.  Basically, you group what needs to get done into 3 categories or 3 types of To-Do's:  there is what cannot be accomplished NOW, SOON, and IN THE NEAR FUTURE.  This is my new strategy for me to not procrastinate and to get my projects completed on time; it will be an experiment.  So here goes:

NOW: right this second and beyond

  • stick to my workout routine (that I have just created) for the "race" I want to participate in March
  • sub as often as possible to save for the summer
  • HOT (Homework on Time)
  • seek fabric donation for girls vests (I volunteer with Somalian refugee Campfire girls)
  • weekly group plans for Campfire 
  • refine resume and apply to Saudi Aramco training center
  • count steps
SOON: 1 week to 1 month
  • HOT (Homework on Time)
  • seek grant for Campfire girls
  • begin to sew vests; seek helpers
  • apply for scholarships
  • apply to the National Endowment for Humanities for teacher summer workshops (in case Saudi Aramco does not work out)
  • count steps
  • scrapbook pictures
  • workout routine
  • purchase fabric to sew professional wardrobe
  • sub as many days as possible for the summer
IN THE NEAR FUTURE: 1 month to 6 months
  • Shamrock Stride--March 13 (walking a 5K)
  • HOT: (Homework on Time)
  • search and purchase plane ticket to visit sister in Saudi Aramco (in case job with Saudi Aramco does not work out)
  • Shu Ren Gala
  • sew professional wardrobe
  • sew vests for Campfire girls
  • scrapbook
  • sub as many days as possible for the summer
In order to accomplish some of my "List of Impossible Things" I need to sub (part-time teaching in the classroom) 45 days before the end of June!  I need to save for:
  • visiting my sister in Saudi Arabia
  • spending money for the summer (teaching is 9 months out the year = summers off!)
  • $ for China trip my son will take next year as an 8th grader
If you want to know how to create your own 3 Types of To-Do's for the Renaissance Person then visit Joel Runyon's "Blog of Impossible Things".

As usual, I invite to share your thoughts and/or suggestions.

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