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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I think I gave birth to my own obnoxious little brother!

I am the youngest of four children with eight years between me and the second youngest.  It almost seemed like I was an only child.  However, this past school year, my beautiful baby boy is 12 going 16 with a major attitude.  He is lazy, argues over EVERYTHING, and refuses to practices his trumpet he though loves to play it...go figure that one.  My husband says we fight like we are brother and sister.  So no, my son is not literally my brother, but I feel like if I ever had a little brother, he would have been like my son...annoying and obnoxious!

Why, why, why, won't he make the connection that if he writes in his planner, practices his instrument, and does his homework, we (his parents) will BACK OFF.  Is it because that is just way to simple?  Is it our inherent nature, that between 12 and 16, we must make things as difficult as possible?  Is that part of the learning curve?

On top of this frustration, my worst fear is beginning to come true.  Since I struggle with organization and turn in my homework on time (I have written about this all over my blog), my son is using me as a basis for his laidback mentality toward school.  Even more motivation, besides professional growth, to step it up!

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