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Monday, January 31, 2011

Friends, Sacred Fire, and Running

Over the past month, I have been engaged in an e-mail "argument" with a dear friend of mine...sorry, I will refrain from the juicy details to protect her privacy.  It is hard to watch someone struggle, especially when I have strong opinions about how she should handle her situation.  My opinions does not really matter.  Ultimately, it is up to her to deal with her sadness.  The most I can do is just love and listen to her.  Human nature has designed us to run our mouths...that is why I think when individuals have mastered the skill of not talking, they are truly enlightened.  I am working on this.

So I decided to attend the Sacred Fire  out her house held once a month as a show of love and friendship.  Luckily for me she was friendly.  In case you are wondering, Sacred Fires affords the opportunity for people to gather together to talk, share, and tell stories similar to the ancient Native Americans.  It is very relaxing.  While sitting around the fire, I couldn't help but to smell my hands.  I actually made vegetarian red beans and rice (this is a huge accomplishment for me) and my hands smelled like onions, garlic, and campfire.  Yummy.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that I have actually started "training" for my first race.  Actually, I will practice with the 5K Shamrock "Stroll" this St. Patrick's Day.  My neighbor has kindly volunteered to help whip me into shape.  Running in an organized community event is on my list of "impossible things".  I haven't run since I served in the military!

What projects are you working toward you list of Impossible Things?

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