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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dreams are a funny part of mind.  Sometimes it is a reflection of our day or the last activity that we participated in.  Or sometimes I think dreams is a way to talk to ourselves about our joys, sorrows, or frustrations.  I also wonder dreams is a way for the universe or God to speak to us directly.  Last night I had four dreams (it is unusual that I remembered them at all) that all centered around the same theme: me looking for a job far away from my family.

Dream #1:  I am in Washington D.C. for a teaching job fair and I am by myself.  I have always traveled with either my sister or my husband, so it was unusual to be in the nation's capital on my own.

Dream #2:  I am in Singapore for a library media conference.  It is a meeting of school librarians all over the world.  I have never been to Singapore or overseas, so this really out of my league.  Again, I am traveling by myself with my family at home.

Dream #3:  This time I am in Chicago at a teacher's job fair for overseas school.  It is the last fair for the year in a frantic rush to fill teaching positions.  Same thing, I have only driven through Chicago once but never actually toured around.  I am by myself.

Dream #4:  I am back in Washington D.C. but this time I have my son with me.  My husband is at home.  My son and I are coordinating our evening plans and when we are going to meet up.  I am in the city for the same reason...a teacher's job fair.

Have you ever had strange dreams?  Were your dreams a message from the universe or from yourself?  Please share...

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