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Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday it was my mother's birthday dinner.  Usually my sister is the one to play hostess, kind of like a mini-Martha Stewart but not quite as neuritic.  So it was a little different and a challenge to step up and fill her shoes.  First of all, my parents arrived 40 minutes early with dishes in the sink and the table not cleared.  My son had barely finished vacuuming and I was still finishing up dinner.  We opened the door with a smile on our face and let them see the mess.  However, I think she was grateful that some things were unfinished.  My mom commented that she was glad to be healthy enough to help me (she is recovery from radiation for breast cancer treatments).  So I finished dinner, my mom did the dishes, and my husband cleaned the table.  We had a great visit and my dad told funny stories.  Actually, I should add that to my list of impossible things....to record my father's stories; he has some great ones!

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