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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 13: Projects

So my sister came over and we went to Costco (I love this place but it can be a $ trap if you are not careful).  Our topic of conversation centered around projects and goals.  First, I need finish my summer coursework since the Fall term is getting ready to begin on Monday--yikes!  My classes are online and know that I will need/must  be disciplined, not my strong suit.  Second, hurting my shoulder has put me out for a week so I am beating myself about it.  Third, I am in charge of procuring donation items for my son's school auction, that will definately need consistant attention.  Finally, I have a million projects around the house I would to complete such has painting the house to make it more homey--it is still "landlord white".  Eventually, I want to work up the courage to ask my husband about cutting out the Direct TV, at least for the school year.  It would save about $700!  Unfortunately, cable for my husband represents a need even though it is a want.  *Sigh*

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