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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 19: The Event

So here we are with fall ushering in with the rain or sun--this is Portland and the weather can never make up her mind!  With the fall comes the new school year, both for my son, my husband (he is a teacher) and myself ( I am studying to be a librarian at Portland State University).  But also with the fall come the new season of all of my favorite TV shows as well as the new ones.  I wanted to record "The Event" but is got cancelled because so many other shows were being recorded.  So I am faced with a dilema.  My old habits is to turn to television and eating when things are too over whelming, but this blog is about addressing these old patterns.  So, I think I need to create "My Event" and prioritize what I really like to watch and cut some shows out.  Truth is television is a time-eater.  With that time I could work out, go for a walk, actually get ahead in my homework, or work on some long awaited project that has been shoved in the closet for a millenium.  This is big for me, this definately is "The Event" for me.  Cut down on televistion, it almost seems sacralige and yet I am smiling!? Strange.  What are your thoughts?


  1. We either get the DVD's of our fave shows, or watch them online, if they are available online. This way, you can skip the ads and watch these shows on your own terms. It is so freeing, and it also makes them more fun to watch. I like to wait till the end of the season so I can skip through all the cliffhangers! It's great you are addressing this, TV is a "problem" for many in this regard!

  2. A. Fox:
    I had to address it because as the school year progresses, work, homework, and my other projects will take up more time so I have to prioritize. I love your blog by the way!

  3. Don't feel like it is a sacrilege to not watch tv! You can beat it! The reason you love those stories so much is they keep you from taking responsibility of writing you own. I believe with the dedication thus far you have shown to your cause, you can rise up and kill your tv. :) sorry, I get a little uppity when it comes to television, lol.

    It's just that watching tv is a passive thing. You aren't participating in it in anyway, even when it feels like you are involved in the story. Working on homework is an active thing!

  4. Dusti:
    I don't think I could kill my television just shove to the back of the closet for awhile. You are right, it is easier to watch these stories. Thankyou for your encouragement.