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My goals for the future is to obtain a teaching/librarian job, lose weight, own a house, and to travel the world.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 2: Grocery Shopping

So today I planned out my menu and went grocery shopping--I know, really exciting?!  But, I got some snacks and fruit so that this coming week, so I will prepared.  I want to try to spend as little money as possible, meaning no more Starbucks ( "sigh"--this will be a hard one) or "emergency" trips to McDonald's.  Today I walked 9,442 steps, so I came close to my goal. 

Here are 2 more "virtual" walking adventures for you to enjoy:
Mall of America

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir


  1. I've never heard of virtual walking trips, I can't wait to check them out! Keep up the good work, Katcoll... One day at a time!:)
    xo t

  2. Oh, it is SO MUCH easier to eat well when you get good food in the house!! Good call! I get lots of frozen organic veggies to keep in my freezer for days when I don't feel like chopping, and for when I run out before my next grocery run. Those are great walking adventures too. How neat!