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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 18: Girlfriends

Today I went out with a "new" friend today and played.  We went to this amazing store that is like a cross between the Goodwill and Michaels called SCRAP (School and Community Reuse Action Project) focusing on reusing school, office, and crafting supplies.  I have actually know her for awhile through someone else but this summer we really hit off.  It is nice to make a new friend or rather learn about someone familiar in a new way!  As for spending money, I resisted temptation.  There was a pretty piece of fabric that was $8, not a bad price, but did not actually NEED!  So I decided that if it is God or the Univervise's will, the fabric will be there for me the next I go back.

Have any of you made new friends this year or connected with someone in a new way?

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