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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 7: First weigh-in

     So I got on my scale this morning and nothing had changed!  So I have to ask myself why?  I know from previous diet attempts, that sometimes it takes a few days for what we ate to catch up with our bodies.  So what did I eat--pizza for one.  Now I am not saying that I can't have pizza ever, but maybe just pepperoni is not the best choice.  Second, and more importantly, I have been terrible about drinking water!  Sigh! 

      So now to regroup.  I have succeeded in reducing my spending habits this week and resised temptation.  Tonight, I am going out with a friend to listen to a musician, so I saved my money for an experience vs Starbucks (a huge vice of my).  Next week I will focus on drinking water and increasing my activity.  This next week, I will explore different options for activity beyond just walking (although please keep walking).  Catch ya later!

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