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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 6: Challenges and Sabotage

     Tuesday was a series of challenges for me, but I was proud myself for pushing through them.  My first challenge was my pedometer was not situation correctly on my hip so my steps did not count correctly.  According to my darling pedometer, I walked about 3,000 steps but I helped my mother out, cleaned her bathroom, and swept & mopped the floors.  Then, I made dinner, took my son to soccer practice, and cleaned the yoga studio, so my body was telling I walked about 10,000 steps (or more) so I am going to go with that number.
     My next challenge is one in which this blog is addressing.  Last Friday, I bought groceries for the whole week in which I will prepare my meals based on what I bought.  However, when I got home the dialogue in my head started rolling about being tired, don't have enough time, the kitchen is messing, blah, blah, blah.  I wanted to run out and buy some fast food due to convenience; but my goal is to spend less, weigh less.  So I took a deep breath, straightened up the kitchen and made my dinner.  All in all, I spent about 30 minutes making pizza, the same time it would take to buy pizza, and I saved my money for another day!
    Finally, my darling 12-year-old son announced that his brand new school clothes the he picked out no longer suits his tastes.  As a mother, I am not very materialistic. Goodwill suits me just fine, but my son is growing up and making things difficult.  So I left him with a choice, to either embrace his new wardrobe or wear the same three shirts everyday of his 7th grade year!
       The challenge of convenience vs commitment seems to come up often.  Convenience is a powerful motivator, but the same thing can be accomplished through organization and commitment.  Making pizza turned out to be quit simple once I decided to commit to the process; it was the commitment it self that was the hardest part.  Commitment is a challenge that come up often for me, especially when I fumble and make mistakes.  It is easier to opt out then push through; I will definitely need to work on this.  It reminds of an old Army saying, to "suck it up and drive on."  When I don't commit to the process I end up sabotaging myself, which is a saddening thought.  I doing this with grad school.  I haven't finished all my course work from the summer and now fall term is about to begin, but since I have fumbled and it is my fault I want to run, the more convenient path.  Just like with my dinner, what I need to do now is commit to the process, finish my work, and drive on.

So, enough of the heavy philosophizing!
Project #1 is:
                 complete is my coursework for the summer.

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