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My goals for the future is to obtain a teaching/librarian job, lose weight, own a house, and to travel the world.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 25: Homework

So I have neglected my blog but for good reason.  I have conciously reduced the amount of television I watch and have worked on completing my summer coursework  (See Day 6), keep up with this terms coursework, and housework!  I also have my other projects of preparing for the Gala in spring and working with little refuge girls from Somalia on Friday afternoons.  Whew that is alot.  On my last blog (Day 19) I have made the commitment to reduce my television intake.  Today, I was successful and got a lot down.  Just as I have made a new commitment to my self and following through with my task, I need to recommit to my weightloss goals.  Two weeks ago I hurt my shoulder (Day 10).  I have never been injured before and this is driving me crazy.  Although not perfect, I can start my walking goals and some yoga again.  Yeah!


  1. Oy, I neglected mine this past week too. I definitely understand. But, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans...it's probably better to be out living life than blogging:) Love your updates!

  2. A. Fox:
    Thanks--love your blog by the way!