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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 55: Infinite Hope

So this weekend I attended a women's conference with my friends and their church ( I posted a little teaser about this on Day 54) and I took away so many empowering thoughts I want to with you.  Regardless of your spiritual path lessons of infinite hope applies to everyone.  Hope is like oxygen, a necessity for life...

1)  We are angels in disguise.
Instead of dwelling on the things that we have failed to accomplish, it is important to recognize all the good that we have done for ourselves and for others.  Remind yourself that you are a beautiful angel.

2) There is great power in being touched by someone who loves you.
Whether from family members, God, Allah, or whoever, remember that we are touched with love.  Furthermore, remember to touch those you love.

3) There is power in choosing to be cheerful and the choices we make.
While a bad attitude followed by anger & negativity might seem the easier choice in the long run it is difficult to maintain and effects the quality of life.  Instead, choose to have a good attitude about life complimented by strength & positivity.

4) Choose to be grateful.
Acknowledge the good things and good people in your life; this changes your attitude and the way you approach things.

5) There is power in surrendering control.
While it is human nature to want to control what comes into our lives, sometimes things happen and it is better to let go and just laugh & have fun in life.

By remembering we angels in disguise, power in choices and attitude, and surrendering control, we actual create a space for new opportunities and adventures.  When we have hope, then we can focus on our dreams and what is truly important instead of letting all the negativity clutter up our lives. 

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