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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 66: Progress Report

I have been this blog for roughly two months (give or take a day or two) and I think it is time to review my progress:

1)  I have not lost any weight.  Uggh...However, in my defense I hurt my shoulder making it so I could lift my arm above head without tears and I recently crashed and burned on bike, slamming my knee into the concrete (see Day 59: Chain of Support  http://spendlessweighless.blogspot.com/2010/11/day-59-my-chain-of-support.html). 

2)  I am behind in my homework...again.  This is constant battle for me.

3)  I sometimes succumb and but lunch or tea vs packing my lunch or tea in a thermos.

4)  I have started the slow process of weeding out my excess "possessions" such as clothes, shoes, and junk occupying my kitchen.

5)  While I am behind I have started the process of unburying myself.

6)  I have reduced my spending even though I have slipped up.

7)  My way of eating has changed centering around Weight Watchers which means more veggies and less meat and eating according to proper proportions.

Immediate goals:
1)  Continue working on my homework...I have three weeks to get it all done!

2)  Started working on my mountain of sewing projects and Christmas gifts.

3)  Figure out a modified work program while my knee heals.

4)  Start tracking my walking steps...again.

5)  Accomplish at least one thing a day or make significant progress.

Long-term goals:
1) Work on my husband and son to set a modified/reduced budget for Christmas.  We don't need more "things".

2)  Weed out more junk and simplify our junk load.

3) Save money to visit my sister in Saudi Arabia.  While I am bummed about her moving, it is good for me to stand on my own two feet for awhile.  Besides, I have always wanted to visit the Middle East...such a fascinating and ancient place in humanities history (the number zero, medical knowledge, and preservers of the Greek mythology).

3)  Continue toward my weight loss goal.

4) Start riding my bike more (without crashing :)

So far a mixed progress report.  I certainly have room for improvement, but that is the purpose my blog--to keep me on track.

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