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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 68: Kinetic Midnight Energy

Kinetic Midnight Energy is the name of the girl's group that I volunteer with on Friday afternoon.  The girl's decided on the name by voting but I don't think some of them realize how accurate this name is for them.  Kinetic energy is the swirling energy molecules that bumb into each other at complete randomness; just like the girls.  I like this group because they are the children of Somalian refugees and arrive each week wearing their brightly colored scarves; like working with a rainbow of chaos.  The girls bring a brightness and sweetness to end the week on a good note.

Today's accomplishments:  Worked full day subbing. 
                                          Volunteered with the International Girls Group of Portland
                                          (aka Kinetic Midnight Energy)

The Cheetah symbolizes the energy of the girls X 16 personalities

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