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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 67: Rain

The rain is pouring down, which is not unusual for Portland weather.  Today, I got a sub call and on my way to work I narrowly escaped being swallowed by the instant lake forming at the bottom of the hill.  I promptly turned my little Kia around and choose a different route. 

A Portland winter day
I like the rain.  Watching it fall from the sky just to jump back up in excitement.  Or read a good book with a hot cup of coffee (or tea).  Rain also makes me sleepy and  I just want to curl up into a ball under my warm quilt.  Or better yet to settle back into a hot bath with a candle lit filling the hair with lavender or mint.

Yesterday, in the rain, I met another Portland blogger for tea (http://www.minimalistadventures.com/.  It was strange to contrast the image in my mind with the person in front of me.  It was also strange to realize we knew each other from our blogs yet exciting to find out new things.  It was like meeting my pen pal, spending months reaching out through the electoral current known as the Internet.

One particular memory I have of the rain was a wild wind storm screaming its presence.  We lost the electricity, so my mother and I had to got outside to find the telephone number on the electric box.  A flash of lightening burst forth, struck a tree branch, and my friend's father ducked quickly behind his truck in order to miss the tree. 

Today's check in:
worked a full day and finished one of my reading assignments.

to drink some chai tea and take a hot bath

What are your thoughts or memories about the rain?  I discovered something about my blog.  When I looked at my stats, I have viewers from as far away as South Africa and Hong Kong.  While I am thrilled to realize that I have an audience for my thoughts, please don't be shy about leaving your thoughts.  I want to hear from you!

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