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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 27: Sleepy Day

     I have mentioned before that I have one advantage which is I get free yoga in exchange for cleaning the studio once a week.  There are 16 cleaners total and they are coveted positions.  Tuesday evening is my shift and I had 36 mats to clean--a record for me and took about an hour and 15 minutes.   I have to spray cleaner, mop, let dry, roll up, and put away all by myself.  Then there is the rest of the studio.  I was there until 11:30 at night!  I don't mean to whine it's just that today I was sleepy and did not get a lot done.  I watched "The Frog Princess" (adorable), Julie/Julia, took a nap, swept & mopped kitchen floor (way overdue), and folded a basket of clothes.  Then I bought pizza and walked the dogs.  Very stressfull I am telling you.  Well, we all need sleepy days every now and then.  I will always have plenty to do waiting for my attention.
     Tommorow I will assess where I am out with my goals.  Goodnight for now!  Do any you have sleepy days?

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