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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 28: Mother-figures

   Is a mother defined as the person who gave birth to you and that is it?  Because not everyone knows there mother or lives far away or does not get along with their mother.  Or can a person have more than one "mother-figure"?  Are we simply related or not related to people based on bloodline?  Or do we define who is our family because we claim them as so.  As for me, I have had several "mothers".  My favorite aunt from childhood who is no longer of this world.  My sister who was my second mother the first 10 years of my life but now is my best friend.  My girlfriends who seem more like my sisters.  My husband's "adopted mother" who definatley seems like a second mother-in-law.  My neighbor who is someone I seek advice from or an ear to listen.  And of course my real mother who I am fortunate to know, live near, and get along great with. 

Daily Report:  Water--5 16oz glasses (much better)
                       Activity--Day of relaxing
Daily Steps:    134,000

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  1. I am here --- enjoying reading your blog -- I don't always comment, but I am so proud of you as you address these issues that many people do struggle with and many don't deal with. For example, tv doesn't call me as a distraction and food doesn't call me as a comfort, but we all have our demons. I am the opposite - as you know, I used to fight with being an overachiever, always striving for to do more and more so I could feel the acceptance of others when deep inside I was killing myself. It's slow suicide. When we self sabatoge -- that's what it is.

    As I have learned -- we are amazing people with amazing and powerful gifts. We don't have to do those things that make us feel less (except for spending less and weighing less) rather than accomplishing less and being effective less.

    The tv will never give you accomplishment. The food will never give you a paycheck. Like I said, I am so proud of you -- looking in the right places to share your gifts. Never forget how amazing and powerful you are -- you can do almost anything you want -- if you believe and most of all -- give it a try.