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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 41: Arabian Nights

So my sister interview for a job in Suadi Arabi teaching at a women's college and got the job.  I am torn about have my sister leave....again.  Part of me is happy & proud, part of me is sad, and part of me is jealous. 
Saudi Arabian national flag
 I know in my heart that I am full of potential bursting to shine through but because I struggle with that damn interview (this is a thorn in my side) I am stuck on the sidelines as the "substitute teacher".  Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful benfits.  It is part-time, I work when I choose.  If my son needs something for school or I am asked to volunteer for something, I am there.  But imagine living in someone else's house and expected to enforce the rules while learning the rules....doesn't always run so smoothly.  So why is it when my sister interviews she gets like every job.  I seriously need to pick her brain!  My darling sister, please don't feel bad when you read this, I am just thinking "out loud". 

Maybe God/ the universe is providing an opportunity here.  Maybe I need to find away to follow her instead of just watching her leave.  I want to travel too....

Part of my goals with this blog is to obtain a full time job and travel.  I need  a lot of money or a big house...I want to my own adventures to share with my sister.

I invite you to share your thoughts.

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