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My goals for the future is to obtain a teaching/librarian job, lose weight, own a house, and to travel the world.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 30: Weigh-In

So I have a lot to do today so this is going to be quick.  Weighed in this morning (that is the best time to do it when you first wake up).  The result:  245.6 lbs.  This is a small accomplishment I will admit but this month I have had a rocky start toward my weight loss goal; I am a little behind only I refuse to stress about it.  I hurt my shoulder and it is now finally starting to feel better and my husband started Weight Watchers.  Cooking that way uses a lot less food but much better quality of food.  I look forward to the challenge!


  1. When you're on the road to weight loss, every ounce counts! Great job on getting started. It's the hardest part.

  2. I had some weight to lose back in the day, I ballooned up to 180, after a weird breakup of a long relationship, and lost back down to 120 within 2 years. It was really hard, but I started the process with weight watchers online. It was a godsend because it got me to think about food in a certain way. After the first half of the weight came off, the other half melted off sans weight watchers...just cause I'd changed my habits. I hope your hubby has good luck on it! COngrats on your accomplishment, EVERY SMALL ACCOMPLISHMENT COUNTS!!!! Don't forget that:)

  3. Thanks for your support and encouragment A. Fox and Michele (congrats on the half-marathon)!

  4. remember..crawl before walking, walk before running..it is the way of the world

  5. Thanks for the encouragement Pod!