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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 36: Cold Weather

My favorite season is fall when the leaves come down, the rain comes, and I am snuggled up with a sweater, a cup of hot coffee, and my favorite book.  I was thinking about this during yoga class with the steam against the windows, the candles flickering, and breathing my way through the vinasa flow in a warm studio.  Yummm!  Unfortunately the central heater is currently broke down with a new one on the way which the landlord will install later in the week.  So what this means is that it is cold in the house, cold in the morning, and cold at night.  I think I would like to revoke natures visiting rights and ask her to move back outside.  In fact, just to top things off, the maintenance man had to turn the hot water off to fix something else and forgot to turn it back on!  This equals to a very cold shower for my husband this morning.  I love the guy but better him than me.  Don't worry, the hot water heater was rescued this morning so no more cold showers!  Since I had coldness on the brain, I was drooling over a pair of long wool arm gloves and wool knee socks that cost $34 apiece.  They looked adorable and I wanted them so much! 

Enough complaining, I still love the fall weather.

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