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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 38: "Kick it up a notch"

So far my exercise has included walking and yoga but I have come to the conclusion that I need to "kick it up a notch" as the famous Chef Emeril would say.  You ask why I have come to this conclusion?  Well I will tell you.  One of my favorite blogs that I like to follow (even though I may not always agree) is http://www.minimalistadventures.com/.  The creator, Dusti, advocates riding her bike and refuses to own a car.  Now I thought is that possible?  I do live in Portland, Oregon, one of the bike friendly cities in the country.  Dusti claims to ride 27 miles a day, with her daughter in tow.  My next thought was if she can ride 27 miles a day, I could ride 10 miles to the yoga studio and back.  I have done it before but I am just so slow...I am slow in everything I do...I was born slow.  On the other hand, maybe biking is like running, you start out slow but your body builds up endurance. 

Generally, I am slow and easily distracted (a bad combination) but I am also stubborn; once my mind is made up I will put forth all of my effort.  I have done that several times in past.  For example, I was a very shy girl who did not have boyfriend, did not party or drink, did not play sports, and did not have many friends in high school.  So what did I do after I graduated?  I joined the Army which is the polar opposite of my personality.  In the Army, running was a daily part of a solidier's life.  Just like breating, it was automatic.  I had two choices when it came to running: A) choose to run and try my best or B) not run, get yelled out/ punished (extra duties), and end up running anyways.  I chose option A. 

I think I need to apply this mentality to biking or at least biking to the yoga studio; my little 10-mile jauht through the streets of Portland.  It cetrtainly falls into live with this blog.  I will spend less in gas money while working out at the same time.  I am going to shoot for 3 days a week.

So as I hit the payments of Portland, with my goal to "kick it up a notch", I give a shout out to Dusti.  Maybe I will see you on your bike!

Let me know your thoughts about this blog!  Any suggestions as I attempt to become a bike commuter?


  1. Claims to ride?! You totally make me sound like a phony! :p

    Like I said, it doesn't feel that far when you're going somewhere. Thus, I think riding to the yoga studio and back is a great idea! I don't think I ever could have just ridden my bike 20 miles to say I did. I'm not nearly that motivated.

    And, Kat, I think you're super cool. Want to get tea or something? (I don't want to stunt your progress with the coffee!)

  2. Dusti,
    Oh, I know your telling the truth--I was just admiring from afar! I would love to get tea--have you ever been to the Tea Zone downtown? E-mail me and we can chat!

  3. I have! Let's do it. How is next week sometime? Tuesdays are good for me, or Monday around 11. Let me know!