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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 26: Living on the Wheel of Fortune

      Today I got a last minute sub call for a 3rd grade class in the afternoon.  The kids were chatty but mostly good kids.  But that is not my fortune.  My good fortune comes from meeting the librarian.  I have an assignment due Monday ( I am studying to be a librarian) and I needed to interview a school librarian with a degree in library science and I found one.  God and the Universe was smiling for me!
     Second, my husband had his first Weight Wachers meeting!  I think this will be a good program plus it is free to us, thanks to the school district, Keiser, and Madam Obama!  As for me, I started walking the Bruce Trail in Queenstion, Ontario, Canada on Day 4 (http://spendlessweighless.blogspot.com/2010/09/day-4-volcano-in-city.html).  Although I have gotten a little off task, the point of the blog is to remind to get back on task :)  And now that my other half is starting his own weight loss program, things will be easier for me.  So here is my update: I have made it to "Blantyre" and a total of 116,000 steps.  My goal is to reach "Craigleith" abd 178,000 steps in 8 days. 

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