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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 43: Shadows in the Night

As I was watching my son practice soccer with his team, the light began to fade with the evening creeping in.  Twelve year-old-boys running around the field in the pitch black looked like shadows in the night.  I was imaginng that they belonged to some other world, Middle Earth maybe.  So why tell you this?  It is because I have a secret to share...

I love the night.  No, I am not some creepy vampire nor do I want to be a vampire;  I am not Twilight's Bella Swan.  But I have always loved the night...watching the stars, the moon, or the planets Venus and Mars.

The moon-ruler of the night sky

Tuesday nights is my night to clean the yoga studio (it is a trade for free yoga).  I love being the only one there with the music playing while I clean.  This leads to another secret...

I secretly love to dance.  Some people sing in the shower but for me I like to dance.  I can pretend that I am a bellydancer preforming for my audience (the yoga mats).  I love to take lessons from the Gypsy Caravan (see below).  Such beautiful costumes and graceful moves!
Gypsy Caravan: a local dance troop in Portland, Oregon

As for today, this Wednesday, I need to catch up on my homework.  Old patterns are starting to creep in and I have fallen behind, yet again.  So now I need to sprint to catch up....

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