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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 35: Mix-Match of Things

In trying to think of a theme for the post,  I could actually come up with several, it is such a mix-match of things. 
Friday's relevation--In yoga class I can fumble and fall with the poses but gather my thoughts and come right back to trying the pose.  Perhaps, when something becomes frustrating, instead of shutting down and distracting myself, I gather my thoughts and come back to the task.  As my yogi teacher says, apply what you happens on the matt to my life.

Saturday's relevation--Took my son to a Portland Trail Blazer's game which was a total blast.  Although I can't play basketball is one of the few games I understand (thanks to my older brother).

Sunday's relevation--At first I wanted to bail on the auction meeting but a parent/friend of mine talked me into going.  It was worth.  We decided to scale back from "auction" to a "party" with a live band and a few key items to raffle off.  It sounds like a lot more fun, less stess on me, and more economically for families to attend.  If anyone of my readers wish to donate an item, talent, or service please let me know!

Daily steps:  172,000 Almost to my goal!
Activity:  Lots of walking and biking (my car broke down so I have been on 2 wheels for a week)

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